Dimensional Eye Services Overview

Dimensional Eye provides a full range of services to plan, execute and support high accuracy metrology projects in hazardous environments.

Through in-house experience and strategic industry partnerships Dimensional Eye can meet the needs of the most challenging projects around the globe. Dimensional Eye provides high accuracy results to our clients in an efficient and safe manner.

Dimensional Eye will allow you to :

  • Simulate before the real operation, thus improving speed, efficiency and reducing personnel exposure to radiation (ALARA concept) or to any hazardous environment while providing a guarantee of feasibility (staff training, communication to authorities) ;
  • Specify dimensions of new components to be mounted;
  • Know exact size, volume and weight of any component;

3D CAD Models are available in all the most common formats: SolidWorks, Catia, Microstation, Autocad, 3d Studio Max and others upon request.

With the VLS mounted on an ROV or Drone (RC Helicopter / UAV) data is collected by just “flying” along the object. Stability is not required, no targets and no input about vehicle position are necessary.

Dimensional Eye Gamma Cartography

Gamma radiation is dangerous for humans. Gamma cameras provide information about approximate location and intensity of hot spots.

When the gamma cameras can also capture visible images the Dimensional Eye software will allow you to make a 3D model of the hot spot environment and to locate very accurately the hot spot in its environment while providing very accurate and useful information (for dosimetry estimation) such as the distances between the camera positions and the hot spots, and the geometry of all the components in between.

  • AREVA US Patent 6 782 123
  • Dimensional Eye license for USA and Asia

Services Provided by Dimensional Eye

  • High Accuracy 3D Inspections in Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Aerospace, Hydro/Renewable Energy, Automotive Industries
  • Onshore/Offshore Project Management
  • Offshore Technicians
  • On-Site Technicians
  • Data Processing and Reporting
  • As-Built 3D CAD Modeling in Hazardous Environments
  • Gamma Cartography
  • Metrology Studies / Field Trials
  • Research & Development Partnerships
  • Project Equipment Supply through Strategic Partners
  • High Accuracy Data Collection Equipment Design with Strategic Partners